The Hostaria

In taberna quando sumus...”

(dai Carmina Burana)

Freely translated, the first lines of the university hymn that have come down to us from the middle ages, say "When we are in a tavern, we forget everything else and we just think about having fun".

Taberna, Taverna, Tavernetta: for Roberto Romano and his wife Giuliana Petris, customer satisfaction is a commandment, a mission to which they devote themselves with passion and commitment.


Over ten years ago now, Giuliana and Roberto arrived in Udine, young and determined, with significant experience in the field of catering facilities in the province of Friuli.

The Hostaria Alla Tavernetta in via di Prampero, right in the town centre, a few steps away from the Duomo, is a historic, famous at that time more for the classic "tajut" (the glass of wine that is the most popular drink in Udine) than for the cuisine.


Roberto and Giuliana (and with them the chef Antonio Mereu) have clear ideas. The tavern retains its ancient tavern "look", but the cuisine becomes the protagonist. A cuisine that Udine was probably lacking: typical but not only, sophisticated but without ostentation, elegant in its simplicity.